Affiliation no. 2132963 (Upto 2026),    School code 70254


Rules & Regulations

The students at KPS have to abide by the rules and regulations of the school to maintain the decorum and foster a healthy environment for education. We also expect the parents to cooperate with us by following the guidelines as described by the school management.

General Rules of Discipline

1. Students are urged to contribute to the high tone of the school by their manners and general behaviour. Hence for the smooth running of the school, no student should bring to school any object liable to prove a source of disturbance.

2. As far as cleanliness, silence, politeness, honesty, attention to work and respect to teachers and companions are concerned, the school should be looked upon as a place of reverence and discipline.

3. Absolute silence must be maintained at all places during the teaching hours, whether it is the library, the laboratory, computer room, the general assembly or on way to and from the class rooms.

4. It is compulsory to speak in English in the premises in order to facilitate the students the use of the medium of instruction. They should maintain a high standard in their conversation.

5. Students who are given responsibility should carry it out dutifully and impartially and in accordance with the direction of the Principal or the teacher deputed by her.

6. The school maintains high ideals of discipline. The students are expected to be polite and courteous to their elders and teachers.

7. The students should come to school on time neatly dressed in proper uniform. The school timings are:

Summer Timing : 8.25 A.M. – 1.50 P.M. (Monday to Saturday)
Winter Timing : 8.55 A.M. – 2.15 P.M. (Monday to Saturday)
For Pre – primary students its Five days week. The Pre-primary classes remain suspended on Saturday.

8. If the students indulge in any act of indiscipline they will be severely dealt with. Such acts, if repeated, may lead to rustication from the school. The Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by following the school rules & regulations. They should refrain from criticizing teachers or school in the presence of the child. Violation/Disregard of School rules or misbehaviour is viewed as serious breach of discipline.

9. Once the student enters the premises, she/he will not be allowed to leave school without Principal's permission. Discipline is imperative in the interest of both the student and the school.


1. Meeting hours with the Principal are 9:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. on all the working days.

2. The parents/guardians are strictly forbidden to meet their children in class or their teachers without the Principal's prior permission.

3. The parents/guardians are requested not to force any school teacher to take tuition of their wards. The school does not allow its teachers to take tuition.

4. Please allow your ward to participate in extracurricular activities in school whenever he/she is asked to do so.

5. The parents/guardians should meet Principal/Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher whenever they are called to do so.

6. All the parents/guardians are requested to see and sign the test copies of their wards and keep themselves informed of their ward's progress.

7. The parents/guardians should look into their children's school diaries every day and ensure that the lesson assigned for the next class are done regularly by their wards.

8. The remarks made in school homework diary should be seen & counter signed regularly by the parents.

9. The parents are expected to attend the school functions whenever they are invited.

10. The name of the child will automatically be struck off the roll for an unauthorized absence of more than six consecutive days or if the fee is not paid on or before the last day of the specified month as per fee card.

11. The students are not allowed to come to school on automated vehicles. Vehicles/cycles should be securely locked.

12. The parents/guardians are requested to inform the school of any change in their address and phone number to ensure proper and timely communication.

13. The parents/guardians are requested to send their wards to the school in time. Regular late corners are liable to be sent back.

14. Parents should maintain the decorum of the school and should be polite with the teachers and school authorities. This will help the child to inculcate respect for the school.

Parents' co-operation is needed for the all-round development of their wards