Affiliation no. 2132963 (Upto 2026),    School code 70254


Scheme of Studies or Curricular

The school strictly adheres to the curriculum designed by the CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education.

Pre – Primary Section Classes I to II Classes III to IV Classes V to VIII Class IX-X
English English English English English
Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Art & Craft Computer Application Science Science Science
Music & Dance Environmental Studies Social Science Social Science Social Science
Martial Arts Art & Craft Computer Application Sanskrit Language 3
Health & Physical Education Music & Dance Art & Craft Computer Application Artificial Intelligence Foundation of IT (Additional Subject)
General Awareness Martial Arts Music & Dance Art & Craft Work Experience
Experience of Practical Life Health & Physical Education Martial Arts Music & Dance Artificial Intelligence
General Awareness Health & Physical Education Martial Arts Health & Physical education
Work Experience General Awareness Health & Physical Education General awareness
Work Experience General Awareness
Work Experience