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At Kriti Public School, we teach and train our children with the aim to nurture healthy reading and writing skills in them, by motivating their curiosity to take interest in the subjects they are studying.
Adhering to our school’s motto of ‘education for life’, care is taken to ensure that the teaching methodology is as per the latest norms devised by the Board, the presentation of the teachers is attractive and the environment is conducive for learning and growing. Further, activities and projects that are included in the curriculum provide synergy to the classroom teaching sessions.
Our Mission:

  • Providing active partnership in shaping the future of our nation through education.
  • Ensuring education for the children of the rural areas.
  • Promote the education of the female child.

Our Vision:

  • To pioneer and excel in all the facets of education of children.
  • To provide international quality education and make it accessible to the students of the rural areas.
  • To ensure overall development of a child in moral, academic, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of life.
  • To integrate the latest pedagogy with technology and bring home its wonder to the children.
  • To create a global village of education and make all the students of KPS a global citizen.
  • To update teachers and educationists and empower them to use technology in classrooms.

At KPS, the management is committed towards the overall holistic development of the child and his/her future. Having mentioned that, KPS also ensures a healthy and enthusiastic workplace environment for its staff. The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff is trained and empowered with the latest syllabus and pedagogy. They are encouraged to introduce new and innovative teaching methodologies that not only benefit the students but also enhance their skills.
We fully acknowledge our role in shaping responsible future citizens for our world. I am confident that the students of KPS will be the true global citizens and radiate the aura of our heritage around the globe.

Mr. Arvind Singh (President)